The Teddy Bear Stories


Sometimes bad things happen.  Our little ones go to sleep and have bad dreams.  Have you ever wondered what gives them those bad dreams?  What stands between the little defenceless cuddlers and the Night Terrors under their beds?

Their Teddy Bear Guardians!

If you can be successful then you will be able to create a lifestyle for yourself and your family. 

From considering being a Realtor, through the first few years and finally setting yourself up for a long term positive cash flow so you can enjoy life on your terms.  Real Estate can give it all to you and if you are not careful it can take it all away.


The Teddy Bear Stories

The New Guardian


Have you ever thought about becoming a Realtor? While you are taking the courses required to become a Realtor you are going to get mired down in wasted time.  Wasted time means less income later because of all the things that you could have done in advance.


Wouldn't it be nice to miss some of the traps and pitfalls that almost every new Realtor hits? To be able to focus on business leads and generating income and not waste time or money doing administrative tasks that do not earn you income or pay bills? This is a guide with excellent suggestions that will help you miss those traps.  

The Teddy Bear Stories

Teddy Bear Discrimination


The second book in a series for Realtors.   After you are registered you need to establish the correct habits and routines so you succeed and do not quit after a year.  This is the guide for you. 


I am covering the activities that you should focus on for the first two years after registration. Don’t waste your time or money on the wrong activities.  Let’s get you out there doing the correct activities and generating transactions and lots of leads while you look and are professional.
Good luck and STAY POSITIVE! 

The Teddy Bear Stories

A Collection Part 1



For The Realtor

How To Smooth Out The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride




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